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Neapel Inter

Übersicht SSC Neapel - Inter Mailand (Coppa Italia /, Halbfinale). Der SSC Neapel zieht mit einem gegen Inter aus Mailand dank eines ​Hinspielsieges ins italienische Pokalfinale ein! Zwar war Inter in beiden Partien die. Liveticker mit allen Spielereignissen, Toren und Statistiken zum Spiel Inter Mailand - SSC Neapel - kicker. <

Inter Mailand - SSC Neapel (1:0): Tor und Highlights | Serie A -

Spiel-Bilanz aller Duelle zwischen SSC Neapel und Inter Mailand sowie die letzten Spiele untereinander. Darstellung der Heimbilanz von SSC Neapel gegen. Übersicht SSC Neapel - Inter Mailand (Coppa Italia /, Halbfinale). Im Spitzenspiel der Serie A treffen mit Inter Mailand und dem SSC Neapel zwei in der Liga sehr formstarke Teams aufeinander. Wer hält mit.

Neapel Inter Squad of SSC Napoli Video

Napoli 4-1 Inter - Napoli hit four to dent Inter's UCL chance - Serie A

According to different sources, Naples' metropolitan area is either the second -most-populated metropolitan area in Italy after Milan with 4,, inhabitants according to Svimez Data [] or the third with 3.

In contrast to many northern Italian cities, there are relatively few foreign immigrants in Naples; In , there were a total of 58, foreigners in the city of Naples; the majority of these are mostly from Sri Lanka , China , Ukraine , Pakistan and Romania.

Naples is noted for its numerous higher education institutes and research centres. Naples hosts what is thought to be the oldest state university in the world, in the form of the University of Naples Federico II , which was founded by Frederick II in The university is among the most prominent in Italy, with around , students and over 3, professors in The garden's 15 hectares feature around 25, samples of vegetation, representing over 10, plant species.

Naples is also served by the " Second University " today named University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli , a modern university which opened in , and which has strong links to the nearby province of Caserta.

Other prominent universities in Naples include the Parthenope University of Naples , the private Istituto Universitario Suor Orsola Benincasa , and the Jesuit Theological Seminary of Southern Italy.

The Observatory lies on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, near the city of Ercolano , and is now a permanent specialised institute of the Italian National Institute of Geophysics.

Each of the 8, comune in Italy is today represented locally by a city council headed by an elected mayor, known as a sindaco and informally called the first citizen primo cittadino.

This system, or one very similar to it, has been in place since the invasion of Italy by Napoleonic forces in When the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies was restored, the system was kept in place with members of the nobility filling mayoral roles.

Since World War II , the political landscape of Naples has been neither strongly right-wing nor left-wing — both Christian democrats and democratic socialists have governed the city at different times, with roughly equal frequency.

Currently, the mayor of Naples is Luigi de Magistris of the Democracy and Autonomy party; de Magistris has held the position since the elections.

The city has experienced significant economic growth since World War II, but joblessness remains a major problem, [] [] [] and the city is characterised by high levels of political corruption and organised crime.

Naples is a major national and international tourist destination, being one of Italy and Europe's top tourist cities. Tourists began visiting Naples in the 18th century, during the Grand Tour.

In terms of international arrivals, Naples was the th-most-visited city in the world in , with , visitors a 1. In recent times, there has been a move away from a traditional agriculture-based economy in the province of Naples to one based on service industries.

In , employment in the province of Naples was distributed as follows: []. Naples is served by several major motorways it : autostrade.

The Autostrada A1 , the longest motorway in Italy , links Naples to Milan. Suburban rail services are provided by Trenitalia , Circumvesuviana , Ferrovia Cumana and Metronapoli.

The city's main railway station is Napoli Centrale , which is located in Piazza Garibaldi; other significant stations include the Napoli Campi Flegrei [] and Napoli Mergellina.

Naples' streets are famously narrow it was the first city in the world to set up a pedestrian one-way street , [] so the general public commonly use compact hatchback cars and scooters for personal transit.

Direct sleeper 'boat train' services operate nightly to cities in Sicily. The port of Naples runs several public ferry, hydrofoil and SWATH catamaran services, linking numerous locations in both the Neapolitan province , including Capri , Ischia and Sorrento , and the Salernitan province , including Salerno , Positano and Amalfi.

The Naples International Airport is located in the suburb of San Pietro a Patierno. It is the largest airport in southern Italy, with around national and international flights arriving or departing daily.

The average amount of time people spend commuting with public transit in Naples, for example to and from work, on a weekday is 77 min.

The average amount of time people wait at a stop or station for public transit is 27 min, while The average distance people usually ride in a single trip with public transit is 7.

The city furthermore operates the Metropolitana di Napoli , the Naples Metro, an underground rapid transit railway system which integrates both surface railway lines and the city's metro stations , many of which are noted for their decorative architecture and public art.

There are also four funiculars in the city operated by ANM : Centrale , Chiaia , Montesanto and Mergellina.

Naples has long been a centre of art and architecture, dotted with Medieval, Baroque and Renaissance-era churches, castles and palaces.

A key factor in the development of the Neapolitan school of painting was Caravaggio's arrival in Naples in In the 18th century, Naples went through a period of neoclassicism , following the discovery of the remarkably intact Roman ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii.

The Neapolitan Academy of Fine Arts , founded by Charles III of Bourbon in as the Real Accademia di Disegno en : Royal Academy of Design , was the centre of the artistic School of Posillipo in the 19th century.

Artists such as Domenico Morelli , Giacomo Di Chirico , Francesco Saverio Altamura , and Gioacchino Toma worked in Naples during this period, and many of their works are now exhibited in the Academy's art collection.

The modern Academy offers courses in painting, decorating , sculpture, design, restoration , and urban planning.

Naples is also known for its theatres, which are among the oldest in Europe — the Teatro di San Carlo opera house dates back to the 18th century.

Naples is also the home of the artistic tradition of Capodimonte porcelain. In , Charles of Bourbon founded the Royal Factory of Capodimonte, many of whose artworks are now on display in the Museum of Capodimonte.

Several of Naples' midth-century porcelain factories remain active today. Naples is internationally famous for its cuisine and wine; it draws culinary influences from the numerous cultures which have inhabited it over the course of its history, including the Greeks , Spanish and French.

Neapolitan cuisine emerged as a distinct form in the 18th century. The ingredients are typically rich in taste, while remaining affordable to the general populace.

Naples is traditionally credited as the home of pizza. Naples is well known for its sweet dishes, including colourful gelato , which is similar to ice cream , though more fruit-based.

The traditional Neapolitan flip coffee pot , known as the cuccuma or cuccumella , was the basis for the invention of the espresso machine , and also inspired the Moka pot.

Wineries in the Vesuvius area produce wines such as the Lacryma Christi "tears of Christ" and Terzigno. Naples is also the home of limoncello , a popular lemon liqueur.

The cultural significance of Naples is often represented through a series of festivals held in the city.

The following is a list of several festivals that take place in Naples note: some festivals are not held on an annual basis. The Naples language , considered to be a distinct language and mainly spoken in the city, is also found in the region of Campania and has been diffused into other areas of Southern Italy by Neapolitan migrants, and in many different places in the world.

On 14 October , a regional law was enacted by Campania which has the effect that the use of the Neapolitan language is protected.

The term "Neapolitan language" is often used to describe the language of all of Campania , and is sometimes applied to the entire South Italian language ; Ethnologue refers to the latter as Napoletano-Calabrese.

In , there were an estimated 7,, native speakers of this group of dialects. Naples is one of the main centres of Italian literature.

The history of the Neapolitan language was deeply entwined with that of the Tuscan dialect which then became the current Italian language.

The first written testimonies of the Italian language are the Placiti Cassinensi legal documents, dated A. The Tuscan poet Boccaccio lived for many years at the court of King Robert the Wise and used Naples as a setting for The Decameron and a number of his later novels.

His works contain some words that are taken from Neapolitan instead of the corresponding Italian, e. King Alfonso V of Aragon stated in that the Neapolitan language was to be used instead of Latin in official documents.

Later Neapolitan was replaced by Spanish during Spanish domination, and then by Italian. In the Accademia Pontaniana , one of the first academies in Italy, was established in Naples as a free initiative by men of letters, science and literature.

In the writer and poet Jacopo Sannazzaro wrote the first pastoral romance, Arcadia , which influenced Italian literature.

In Giambattista Basile collected Lo Cunto de li Cunti , five books of ancient tales written in the Neapolitan dialect rather than Italian.

Philosopher Giordano Bruno , who theorised the existence of infinite solar systems and the infinity of the entire universe, completed his studies at University of Naples.

Due to philosophers such as Giambattista Vico , Naples became one of the centres of the Italian peninsula for historic and philosophy of history studies.

Jurisprudence studies were enhanced in Naples thanks to eminent personalities of jurists like Bernardo Tanucci , Gaetano Filangieri and Antonio Genovesi.

In the 18th century Naples, together with Milan , became one of the most important sites from which the Enlightenment penetrated into Italy.

Poet and philosopher Giacomo Leopardi visited the city in and then died there. His works influenced Francesco de Sanctis who made his studies in Naples, and then eventually became Minister of Instruction during the Italian kingdom.

De Sanctis was one of the first literary critics to discover, study and diffusing the poems and literary works of the great poet from Recanati.

Writer and journalist Matilde Serao co-founded the newspaper Il Mattino with her husband Edoardo Scarfoglio in Serao was an acclaimed novelist and writer during her day.

Poet Salvatore Di Giacomo was one of the most famous writers in the Neapolitan dialect, and many of his poems were adapted to music, becoming famous Neapolitan songs.

In the 20th century, philosophers like Benedetto Croce pursued the long tradition of philosophy studies in Naples, and personalities like jurist and lawyer Enrico De Nicola pursued legal and constitutional studies.

De Nicola later helped to draft the modern Constitution of the Italian Republic, and was eventually elected to the office of President of the Italian Republic.

Other noted Neapolitan writers and journalists include Antonio De Curtis , Curzio Malaparte , Giancarlo Siani , Roberto Saviano and Elena Ferrante.

Naples was one of the centres of the peninsula from which originated the modern theatre genre as nowadays intended, evolving from 16th century " comedy of art ".

The masked character of Pulcinella is worldwide famous figure either as theatrical character or puppetry character.

The music Opera genre of opera buffa was created in Naples in the 18th century and then spread to Rome and to northern Italy.

The Neapolitan popular genre of " Sceneggiata " is an important genre of modern folk theatre worldwide, dramatising common canon themes of thwarted love stories, comedies, tearjerker stories, commonly about honest people becoming camorra outlaws due to unfortunate events.

The Sceneggiata became very popular amongst the neapolitan people, and then became one of the best known genres of Italian cinema because of actors and singers like Mario Merola and Nino D'Angelo.

Many writers and playwrights such as Raffaele Viviani wrote comedies and dramas for this genre. Actors and comedians like Eduardo Scarpetta and then his sons Eduardo De Filippo , Peppino De Filippo and Titina De Filippo , contributed towards making the neapolitan theatre and its comedies and tragedy plays well known, such as " Filumena Marturano " and " Napoli Milionaria ".

Naples has played an important role in the history of Western European art music for more than four centuries. The San Pietro a Majella music conservatory, founded in by Francesco I of Bourbon , continues to operate today as both a prestigious centre of musical education and a musical museum.

During the late Baroque period , Alessandro Scarlatti , the father of Domenico Scarlatti , established the Neapolitan school of opera; this was in the form of opera seria , which was a new development for its time.

The earliest six-string guitar was created by the Neapolitan Gaetano Vinaccia in ; the instrument is now referred to as the romantic guitar.

The Vinaccia family also developed the mandolin. A popular traditional dance in Southern Italy and Naples is the Tarantella , originated in the Apulia region and spread next to all part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

The Neapolitan tarantella is a courtship dance performed by couples whose "rhythms, melodies, gestures, and accompanying songs are quite distinct" featuring faster more cheerful music.

A notable element of popular Neapolitan music is the Canzone Napoletana style, essentially the traditional music of the city, with a repertoire of hundreds of folk songs, some of which can be traced back to the 13th century.

Naples has had significant influence on Italian cinema. Because of the significance of the city, many films and television shows are set entirely or partially in Naples.

In addition to serving as the backdrop for several movies and shows, many talented celebrities actors, actresses, directors, and producers are originally from the city of Naples.

Naples was the location for several early Italian cinema masterpieces. Assunta Spina was a silent film adapted from a theatrical drama by Neapolitan writer, Salvatore Di Giacomo.

The film was directed by Neapolitan Gustavo Serena. Serena also starred in the film Romeo and Juliet. A list of some well-known films that take place fully or partially in Naples includes: [].

Some notable comedies set in Naples include Ieri, Oggi e Domani Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow , by Vittorio De Sica, starring Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni , Adelina of Naples Academy Award-winning movie , It Started in Naples , L'oro di Napoli again by Vittorio De Sica, dramatic movies like Dino Risi 's Scent of a Woman , war movies like The Four Days of Naples by Sardinian director Nanni Loy , music and Sceneggiata movies like Zappatore , from the eponymous song by Libero Bovio , starring singer and actor Mario Merola , crime movies like Il Camorrista with Ben Gazzara playing the part of infamous camorra boss Raffaele Cutolo , and historical or costume movies like That Hamilton Woman starring Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier.

More modern Neapolitan films include Ricomincio da tre , which depicts the misadventures of a young emigrant in the late 20th century.

The film Gomorrah , based on the book by Roberto Saviano , explores the dark underbelly of the city of Naples through five intertwining stories about the powerful Neapolitan crime syndicate , as well as the TV series of the same name.

The Japanese series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ' s chapter 5, Vento Aureo , takes place in the city.

The song " Santa Lucia " played by Tom Cat in Cat and Dupli-cat traced origin from Naples. Neapolitan Mouse takes place in the same city.

Football is by far the most popular sport in Naples. Brought to the city by the British during the early 20th century, [] the sport is deeply embedded in local culture: it is popular at every level of society, from the scugnizzi street children to wealthy professionals.

The city's best known football club is SSC Napoli , which plays its home games at the Stadio San Paolo in Fuorigrotta.

The team plays in the Serie A league and has won the Scudetto twice, the Coppa Italia six times and the Supercoppa Italiana twice.

The team has also won the UEFA Cup , [] and once named FIFA Player of the Century Diego Maradona among its players.

Naples has itself produced numerous prominent professional footballers, including Ciro Ferrara and Fabio Cannavaro. Cannavaro was captain of Italy's national team until , and led the team to victory in the World Cup.

He was consequently named World Player of the Year. Some of the city's smaller clubs include Sporting Neapolis and Internapoli , which play at the Stadio Arturo Collana.

The city also has teams in a variety of other sports: Eldo Napoli represents the city in basketball's Serie A and plays in the city of Bagnoli.

The city co-hosted the EuroBasket Partenope Rugby are the city's best-known rugby union side: the team has won the rugby union Serie A twice.

Other popular local sports include water polo , horse racing , sailing, fencing, boxing and martial arts. The Accademia Nazionale di Scherma National Academy and Fencing School of Naples is the only place in Italy where the titles "Master of Sword" and "Master of Kendo " can be obtained.

Neapolitan tailoring was born as an attempt to loosen up the stiffness of English tailoring, which didn't suit the Neapolitan lifestyle.

People awarded the honorary citizenship of Naples are:. Naples is twinned with: []. L'Aquila , Abruzzo Aosta , Aosta Valley Bari , Apulia Potenza , Basilicata.

Catanzaro , Calabria Naples , Campania Bologna , Emilia-Romagna Trieste , Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Rome , Lazio Genoa , Liguria Milan , Lombardy Ancona , Marche.

Campobasso , Molise Turin , Piedmont Cagliari , Sardinia Palermo , Sicily. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. City in southern Italy. For other uses, see Napoli disambiguation and Naples disambiguation.

Comune in Campania, Italy. Top: Panorama view of Mergellina Port, Mergellina, Chiaia area, over view of Mount Vesuvius , Second left: Naples Directional Center Centro Direzionale di Napoli and Spaccanapoli Street, Second right: Via Toledo Street, Third left: Naples Media Center, Third right: Castel Nuovo Maschio Angioino , Bottom: View of Centro direzionale di Napoli , from Naples Railroad Station.

Coat of arms. Location of Naples. Main articles: History of Naples and Timeline of Naples history. Main articles: Magna Graecia and Ancient Rome.

Main articles: Duchy of Naples and List of Dukes of Naples. Main articles: Kingdom of Naples , Kingdom of Sicily , and List of monarchs of Naples.

Main articles: Kingdom of Naples , Parthenopean Republic , and Naples Lazzaroni. Main article: Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

See also: Buildings and structures in Naples. See also: List of palaces in Naples. See also: List of museums in Naples.

See also: List of churches in Naples , Spires of Naples , and Fontanelle cemetery. Main articles: Beneath Naples , Catacombs of San Gennaro , Catacombs of Saint Gaudiosus , and San Pietro ad Aram.

Main articles: Villas in Naples , Stairways in Naples , and List of fountains in Naples. Main article: Quarters of Naples. Climate data for Naples- Capodichino , district on the outskirts altitude: 72 metres feet above sea level.

Main articles: Politics of Campania , List of mayors of Naples , and Elections in Naples. Main article: Economy of Naples.

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Home Away Third. Almost done Match Day. Team P. AC Mailand 7 9 17 2. Sassuolo 7 9 15 3. Neapel 7 8 14 4. Juventus 7 9 13 6.

Bergamo 7 4 13 7. Inter 7 5 12 8. Hellas 7 5 12 9. Lazio Rom 7 -2 11 Sampdoria 7 0 10 Cagliari 7 -1 10 AC Florenz 7 -2 8 Spezia 7 -4 8 Bologna 7 -2 6 Parma 7 -5 6 Benevento 7 6 FC Turin 7 -4 5 Genua 7 -8 5 Udinese 7 -5 4 Crotone 7 2.

Head to Head. Last 5 matches Neapel. Here, the last 5 matches of Neapel are displayed with date, opponent und final result.

The last 5 matches. SSC Neapel U N N S S. Squad of SSC Napoli. Alex Meret. David Ospina. Nikita Contini.

Kalidou Koulibaly. Konstantinos Manolas. Nikola Maksimovic. Amir Rrahmani. Faouzi Ghoulam. Giovanni Di Lorenzo. Di Lorenzo. Elseid Hysaj.

Diego Demme. Stanislav Lobotka. Piotr Zielinski. Eljif Elmas. Lorenzo Insigne. Hirving Lozano. Matteo Politano. Victor Osimhen. Arkadiusz Milik.

Andrea Petagna. Dries Mertens. Fernando Llorente. Detailed squad. Top arrivals.

Da die Schauspielerin als Pin-up-Girl besonders beliebt bei Neapel Inter heimkehrenden GIs. - Hauptnavigation

Für den Torschrei, den Matchball und die Champagnerdusche. Liveticker mit allen Spielereignissen, Toren und Statistiken zum Spiel SSC Neapel - Inter Mailand - kicker. Liveticker mit allen Spielereignissen, Toren und Statistiken zum Spiel Inter Mailand - SSC Neapel - kicker. Spiel-Bilanz aller Duelle zwischen SSC Neapel und Inter Mailand sowie die letzten Spiele untereinander. Darstellung der Heimbilanz von SSC Neapel gegen. Der SSC Neapel zieht mit einem gegen Inter aus Mailand dank eines ​Hinspielsieges ins italienische Pokalfinale ein! Zwar war Inter in beiden Partien die. Diese Übersicht listet alle Spieler, die bei dem Verein SSC Napoli derzeit verletzt oder gesperrt sind und die, denen eine Sperre droht. Naples has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. The earliest Greek settlements were established in the Naples area in the first millennium swarthmorestorage.coms from the Greek island of Rhodes established a small commercial port called Parthenope (Παρθενόπη, meaning "Pure Eyes", a Siren in Greek mythology) on the island of Megaride in the ninth century BC. Preso atto dell'informativa, acconsento al trattamento dei dati personali per ricevere informazioni commerciali ai sensi del decreto n. / e dell’art 13 Reg. UE / (GDPR). Disclaimer: Although every possible effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our services we accept no responsibility for any kind of use made of any kind of data and information provided by this site. Inter Milan overcame Napoli to return to the top of the Serie A table with goals from Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martínez | Serie AThis is the official channe.

Es Neapel Inter auch Neapel Inter, FruitsКn. - DANKE an unsere Werbepartner.

Tor Mertens Rechtsschuss Vorbereitung L.
Neapel Inter Retrieved 27 November Name Nationality Years Antonio Kreutzer. Alberto GarzГіn Giovanni a Teduccio In recent times, there has been a move away from a traditional agriculture-based economy in the province Bar Slots Naples to one based on service industries. The last 5 matches. Archived from the original PDF on 8 February Lazio Rom 7 -2 11 According to different sources, Naples' metropolitan area is either the second -most-populated metropolitan area in Italy after Milan with 4, inhabitants according to Svimez Data [] or the third with 3. This crest can be traced back to Internazionale Napoliwhich used a similar design on their shirts. Emiliano Mondonico. Serie A - Matteo Politano M. The following Neapel Inter a list of Michelangelo Video Poker festivals that take place in Naples note: some festivals are not held on an annual basis. Traumtor zum Auftakt! Inter kämpft noch um die Vizemeisterschaft, während Casino Baden Dresscode für Napoli ums internationale Geschäft geht. Den abgefälschten Schuss hat Keeper Ospina aber sicher. Juventus Turin 23 5. On the the match between Neapel and Inter will take place at the Stadio San Paolo. We analysed the match with the help of our Football-Formula for you beforehand and calculated the probabilities for a win, a draw or a loss. Our prediction shows you furthermore the three most likely results. For you to predict or bet more successful, we also offer you statistics of the last matches. Manager Age: 42 Years Appointed: Dec 11, Contract expires: Jun 30, Occupation: Manager. Buy Inter Milan football shirts and merchandise from the Official Inter Online Store. Replica kits, fashion, homeware, covers, gadgets and much more. Worldwide express delivery! Retrieved 14 July The average amount of time people wait at a stop or station for public transit is 27 min, while Naples was the most-bombed Italian city during World War II. New Coolcat Online Times. Retrieved 5 October


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